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On the GOP side in 2012…

Chris Cillizza writes in The Washington Post about four potential dark horse candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. It’s early, but of course the official season started in earnest the day after the midterms. His mentions, and my comments:

Rick Santorum – Yes, Santorum might very well run, and surely wants to. I don’t think he would win, however, and he would not be the right nominee. He’s too narrowly focused on social issues, and lacks resonance with voters beyond his natural constituency.

Mike Pence – Pence could decide to run as well, and certainly if not this time then at some point in the future. It could be the year for a guy like Pence, however, if 2012 proves to be another change cycle. He could legitimately run as an outsider, while still presenting the substance and style desired in a presidential candidate by the electorate.

Scott Brown – No way. Fun to think about – if for nothing else but the novelty of the idea – but only for about one second. There’s no way he’d do it, and no way he’d win. He simply doesn’t have the experience, the network, or anything else to make that even a realistic possibility to consider.

Marco Rubio – Again, no way. He’s an attractive figure within the party and his star is rising to be sure, but it’s simply not his time, and he’s smart enough to understand that. The only caveat I’d add is that many potential GOP nominees would certainly take a look at him for the VP slot.

Personally, I still like Mitt Romney, both as my personal choice of those who have all but declared, and as the odds-on favorite to take the nomination. If Pence jumps in the field, I’d be compelled of course to take a very serious look at him. As you know, I’ve long been a fan of the Congressman from Indiana. He starts behind Romney in name ID and money, but projects a personal authenticity and warmth that could compensate for that in a race to attract the attention and support of primary voters.



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Dems hit the wall of common sense and the American people

Self-assured intellectual and moral superiority is blinding liberals to the reality of public discontent with President Obama and congressional Democrats. Why else would the president forge ahead with a stubbornly ideological and adversarial State of the Union address? How else could the party resist acknowledging the implications of Scott Brown‘s historic special election victory in Massachusetts?

Charles Krauthammer dissects the matter in Friday’s column for the Washington Post. He notes how Democrats portrayed their own opposition to President Bush as “dissent…one of the truest forms of patriotism,” while Republican resistance to the current majority is labeled “obstruction” arising from “nihlistic malice.” How true….

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Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts

It’s nights like this that give me hope for the Republic.

The AP is projecting a Brown win, and right now his margin stands at something like 7%. Obama won the Bay State by more than 21 points….that’s a 28 point swing against the Democrats in the one of the most liberal states in the nation.

Keep it up Dems, keep it up.

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Peter Gammons=1973 Willie Mays?

What happened to Peter Gammons? I used to love his objective analysis over at ESPN. He was even favorable to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

But now he takes a strange shot at Massachusetts state Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown (R), comparing JFK to the legendary shortstop Omar Vizquel and Brown to Royals shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. My question is: Are Gammons’s greatest days behind him? I hope not.

That comparison is just strange: Brown is making a comeback, and AG Martha Coakley (D) would be more like Adam Dunn: a good power hitter who also strikes out (on some big cases).

Maybe Sen. Brown isn’t the bronze warrior from Brookline. But really, Mr. Gammons. If you want to make an analogy, do better than that.

~ H.A.

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