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Peter Gammons=1973 Willie Mays?

What happened to Peter Gammons? I used to love his objective analysis over at ESPN. He was even favorable to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

But now he takes a strange shot at Massachusetts state Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown (R), comparing JFK to the legendary shortstop Omar Vizquel and Brown to Royals shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. My question is: Are Gammons’s greatest days behind him? I hope not.

That comparison is just strange: Brown is making a comeback, and AG Martha Coakley (D) would be more like Adam Dunn: a good power hitter who also strikes out (on some big cases).

Maybe Sen. Brown isn’t the bronze warrior from Brookline. But really, Mr. Gammons. If you want to make an analogy, do better than that.

~ H.A.


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Keeping it in the family: new book asserts RFK-Jackie affair

The New York Post today previews a soon-to-be released book entitled Bobbie and Jackie: A Love Story. Hat tip to Jason Barnes and the NewsMax news roundup. Author C. David Heymann, who has spent decades researching the book, writes that Jackie Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy began the affair after President John F. Kennedy‘s assasination. Robert was married to his wife, Ethel Kennedy.

If the book’s basic contention is true, it further tarnishes the Kennedy mystique. This is a family that is not and was not ever perfect – quite nearly the opposite, in some respects, as infidelity now seems to have been rampant. While glamour reigned on the surface with the help of the media, the Kennedy days were never truly  Camelot.

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