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Schoeller considering bid for the 7th

Missouri State Rep. Shane Schoeller (R-139) is considering a bid for Missouri’s seventh congressional district, currently held by Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Springfield). Blunt is said to be weighing a run to replace retiring Sen. Kit Bond (R-Missouri), and if so would vacate the southwest Missouri seat he has represented for twelve years in the U.S. House.

The KY3 Political Notebook has the story (Hat tip to Combest).

As a reliably Republican district – likely the most conservative district in the state – there are probably a number of well qualified potential candidates. Surely a number of them have to be thinking about throwing their hat in the ring. The KY3 article mentions Sen. Jack Goodman, Sen. Gary Nodler and former State Rep. Gary Marble as potential candidates. Marble has declared he is not interested, however.

shane-schoeller1If Blunt does step down I hope Schoeller decides to enter the race. From what I have observed of Schoeller he seems seems to be a principled, all-around conservative, who understands issues from both the practical and philosophical perspective. While only in his second term in the Missouri House, he has worked for former Sen. John Ashcroft, Sen. Kit Bond, Rep. Roy Blunt and former Gov. Matt Blunt, and as a lobbyist for the Springfield Home Builders. He’s married, has two kids, and is active in his church. In short, Schoeller could be a great fit for the Seventh. He clearly has the ambition and probably a strong network to tap into, so if Blunt does in fact step down I’m guessing we’ll see Shane run.

Another possibility would be Rep. Bob Dixon, also of Springfield. Dixon is a thoughtful guy, a genuine conservative and a sincere individual with a reputation for great constituent service. Does he want to run? If so, does he have the tenacity and political savvy to win in what could be a very competitive primary? Dixon is well-respected and would certainly have to be taken seriously if threw his hat in the ring.

Whatever these two decide, if this seat opens up we’re likely to see a very interesting primary.


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