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Man faces 75 years for taping cops

The State of Illinois is fighting to put a 41 year old mechanic behind bars for the rest of his life because he videotaped cops. Michael Allison faces five charges of eavesdropping, each carrying up to fifteen years in jail. He refused to cut a deal with prosecutors, because he does not believe he committed a crime.

Unfortunately, the video footage shot by Allison isn’t available, because it was confiscated by cops. News coverage of the story, however, is available in these clips from NBC Channel 2 of Wabash Valley. The ACLU is defending the man, who says he has never been arrested or accused of a time. Similar charges have been dropped or reduced in other states.




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Missouri’s “Modern Militia Movement” report targets Ron Paul people, others

A report compiled by the Missouri Information Analysis Center and used by the state highway patrol advises law enforcement that Ron Paul supporters may be part of terrorist militia groups. Read about it on the AP here.

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