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Obama’s campaign pockets stuffed with BP money

Politico, relying on The Center for Responsive Politics, reports that Barack Obama has collected more cash from BP than any politician in the last twenty years. That’s not a crime.

It is, however, a nice little tidbit to remember anytime somebody accuses Republicans of being in the pocket of big oil, etc. (It may also be the reason – along with his recent approval of some modest off-shore drilling plans – that the president has been so behind on the BP oil spill).

I wonder when the group that’s been smearing Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) and Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Missouri) in tv and internet ads will now run the same ad against President Obama? I’m waiting.


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Krauthammer on environmentalism as socialism

The always impactful Charles Krauthammer, yesterday:

The Environmental Shakedown

Krauthammer takes on international political environmentalism, and that at home, currently manifested by the EPA’s assertion of authority to regulate carbon emissions.

When will Krauthammer win another Pulizter? Ever? He is increasingly becoming recognized as the most important critic of the Obama administration – I recall a Politico profile a while back, and more recently, a cover story in National Review, entitled Critic-in-Chief – but can a conservative win a Pulitzer these days? Would the committee dare?

Food for thought.

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What are Van Jones’ credentials?

Besides being a foul mouthed miscreant and left wing agitator extraordinaire?

I mean, his official job title is “Special Advisor for Green Jobs” in the White House Council for Environmental Quality. Has Van Jones ever studied economics? Has he ever studied the environment? In any kind of scholarly way?

Or is his take on these issues entirely formed by his own political ideology? Perhaps his nomination to the post was the Kathleen Sebelius type. She was appointed to head HHS with no medical or scientific background whatsoever.

We know he went to Yale for law school and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin (studying what I’m not sure, I haven’t come across that info…it may have been journalism).

So what are his credentials for this significant post in the Obama administration? And – this is a shocking suggestion, I know – could it be that Obama’s agenda on the environment (particularly the notion that environmentalism is key to economic growth) is not first and foremost about science, but political ideology?

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