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IRS flagged Tea Party groups

The IRS flagged “tea party” and “patriot” groups for extra scrutiny in 2012, the Associated Press and others are reporting. The agency acknowledged and apologized today for the practice, which amounted to political profiling of conservative groups during the last presidential campaign. It points to local office staff in Cincinnati as being responsible.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is calling on the White House to investigate, and tea party groups are claiming vindication for their earlier assertions of political favoritism at the IRS.

Two things here:

1) Although none of the 75 or so targeted groups had its tax-exempt status revoked, some did withdraw their application for 501c4 designation. If they did so in response to this admittedly undue level of IRS attention, then the damage is still done.

2) It’s quite possible – as its Bush-appointed chief asserts – that the IRS proper did nothing wrong, at least in an immediate sense. If culpability or complicity does reach into higher levels of the department, it may be more likely that officials ignored or avoided something that should have been investigated earlier.

Stay tuned…


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Election night speeches

Governor Mitt Romney‘s concession speech, in text and video at the New York Times.

President Barack Obama‘s victory speech, also via the NYT.

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Barone calls election for Romney

Michael Barone, author of the Almanac of American Politics and senior editor at The Washington Examiner, is forecasting a Romney win this Tuesday. I’ve waffled and haven’t wanted to make many predictions because the race has been so close at times and momentum has shifted at various junctures. Romney definitely seems to have had it the last several weeks – since the first debate, really – but may have plateaued at some point. The electoral college math is difficult for Romney-Ryan, no matter how you look at it.

Barone – who knows politics and elections like few others – actually says Romney wins the electoral college by a good margin, 315-223. He chalks up Indiana and North Carolina to the challenger (a safe bet for some time now) plus Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire. The biggest surprise? He also includes Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in the list. The only swing states (which really have been Obama-leaning states for some time now in my view) he gives to the prez are Nevada, New Mexico, Michigan and Minnesota.

By this tabulation, Mitt Romney could still lose Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10), Colorado (9) and New Hampshire (4) and still win the election. Encouraging. But as many others have noted, he’s got to win Ohio to take this thing.


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Sen. Harry Reid beats his wife

The word is out. I have it on good authority that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) regularly hits his wife. He needs to come clean.

Now, if Harry Reid wants to settle this matter all he has to do is answer these allegations and provide evidence he doesn’t engage in domestic violence. Say, release Landra Reid‘s medical records for the last ten years. That would solve everything, then we can move on to solving the country’s problems.

Ideally, I’d be able to make this accusation from the Senate floor (leveraging the credibility of the world’s greatest deliberative body for personal political gain), but as it is I’ll have to settle for the blogosphere.

Once again, you heard it here (and I heard it elsewhere). Harry Reid regularly hits his wife.

…As you might guess, this is satire. Sen. Harry Reid has accused Mitt Romney of not paying taxes, suggesting criminal activity or at least some sort of major ethical (or un-American) malfeasance. Romney flatly denied the allegation.

Reid did this from the Senate floor, which is is supposed to be a place of serious debate, and where personal attacks are never supposed to be engaged in or tolerated. Harry Reid should be censured for his actions. That will never happen given his status as the body’s most powerful member, which makes this all the sadder.

Reid cited a single, unnamed private source, and says the onus is on Romney to disprove the allegations by releasing his tax returns, something Democrats have been pressuring the businessman and former Massachusetts governor to do for some time (Romney has released some but not as far back as the Obama campaign would like).

This is a low-ball tactic and should be roundly called-out by responsible journalists.

Harry Reid, it should be noted, does not release his own tax returns, according to a number of reports I’ve seen on this story.


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No you didn’t…

I’m having flashbacks of Mr. Obama‘s “share the wealth” comment in 2008.

“Cause, if you got a business – that – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” So says President Barack Obama, on the campaign trail in Roanoke, Virginia on Friday. The comment has gotten a lot of play and has come under fire from groups like the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses).

I love these moments of transparency from the president. When he reveals who he really is. Even though I feel like I know the president’s politics, it still shocks me sometimes when I hear things like this. The man  has a fundamentally and deeply ingrained collectivist worldview, which shows itself in a callous disregard – some might say contempt – for the entrepreneurial spirit.

I’d like to comment more on this later, because I think this story has legs for the fall, and it’s significant. Hopefully this, along with the campaign’s overreach on suggesting Mitt Romney is a possible felon for misrepresenting the timeline of his tenure at Bain, will help turn the momentum of the last several weeks back in Romney’s favor.

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Dems unload on potential VP picks

Democrats have unloaded opposition research profiles on three key potential Republican running-mates of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The ABC News Blog reported the story yesterday morning, which shows up on the Drudge Report today.

The American Bridge 21st Century SuperPac – the official dirt-digging machine of the Democratic party – launched a website yesterday detailing the supposed dastardly deeds of Ohio Senator Rob Portman, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. VeepMistakes also casts Romney as the less-than-enthusiastic choice of Republicans, and reminds us all that Sarah Palin was on the ticket in 2008.

Wow. I’m underwhelmed.

Whats interesting, though, is the timing. It’s speculated Romney will announce a running-mate soon, possibly even this week. Those kinds of suggestions usually rely on a stray story here and there, but mainly all it takes is a look at the calendar to know that an announcement can’t be too far away. (For reference, in 2008 Obama announced Biden on August 22nd, McCain announced Palin August 29th. Four years before, Kerry announced Edwards on July 6th. In 2000, Bush announced Cheney on July 25th, Gore tapped Lieberman August 13th.)

It’s clear Democrats published these dossiers now to influence media coverage of the expected announcement. It’s also interesting that they put out the longest report for the potential pick with the shortest public record – Rubio. Either they really believe it’s going to be him, or he’s the candidate they most fear.

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Another sign for GOP optimism

On the heels of Gallup’s report painting a pessimistic picture for the president comes this from Investors Business Daily: The stock market’s strong January gains predict a presidential victory for the challenger candidate come November. After 1932, every bullish first month in the markets has foreshadowed the incumbent going down, while every mild month (no matter if the market was up a few percent or down a few percent) meant a second term for the administration.

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