Uber drives the “creative destruction” that moves our economy

John Fund writes in National Review that Uber’s technology-driven transportation service represents the type of creative destruction that  allows free market economies to flourish. The author notes several features that have earned the favor of a growing customer base: 

Uber drivers’ cars are often newer and cleaner than traditional cabs, and customers can easily request upgrades. Drivers are screened, and a passenger can see a picture of the driver and his or her customer-service rating before getting into the car. Low-ranked drivers can be and are removed from the system, an accountability system that’s missing from most cab companies. 

The taxi cab industry has responded by pressuring lawmakers to impose a raft of regulations that would hobble its fledgling competition. 

The cab companies and their allies have scored some victories, but the political contests will likely continue for some time. Citing the company’s recent $18 billion valuation, Fund predicts Uber is not going away anytime soon.


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