NRSC playing in Missouri?

I opened a fundraising letter today from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, signed by Chairman John Cornyn of Texas. It’s focus is on “defeating Barack Obama and winning a Senate Majority in the 2012 Elections.”

While the appeal does not cite Todd Akin or any other GOP senate candidate by name, it notes that …”Missouri has a nationally targeted Senate race this year. …. And with Missouri’s seat currently held by a Democrat, we want to make absolutely sure we have the resources necessary to put that seat in the GOP column.”

There’s no commitment in the letter that that the NRSC will play in Missouri and help out Todd Akin beat Claire McCaskill – actually I’m not even sure that legally they could make make that kind of statement. But it’s interesting that they’re citing the state’s race when asking rank and file Missouri Republicans for for dollars.

I’d call that a little bit cynical (i.e. politics as usual) – unless the committee is still open to the idea of putting money in the state later if the race looks winnable.



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