Sen. Harry Reid beats his wife

The word is out. I have it on good authority that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) regularly hits his wife. He needs to come clean.

Now, if Harry Reid wants to settle this matter all he has to do is answer these allegations and provide evidence he doesn’t engage in domestic violence. Say, release Landra Reid‘s medical records for the last ten years. That would solve everything, then we can move on to solving the country’s problems.

Ideally, I’d be able to make this accusation from the Senate floor (leveraging the credibility of the world’s greatest deliberative body for personal political gain), but as it is I’ll have to settle for the blogosphere.

Once again, you heard it here (and I heard it elsewhere). Harry Reid regularly hits his wife.

…As you might guess, this is satire. Sen. Harry Reid has accused Mitt Romney of not paying taxes, suggesting criminal activity or at least some sort of major ethical (or un-American) malfeasance. Romney flatly denied the allegation.

Reid did this from the Senate floor, which is is supposed to be a place of serious debate, and where personal attacks are never supposed to be engaged in or tolerated. Harry Reid should be censured for his actions. That will never happen given his status as the body’s most powerful member, which makes this all the sadder.

Reid cited a single, unnamed private source, and says the onus is on Romney to disprove the allegations by releasing his tax returns, something Democrats have been pressuring the businessman and former Massachusetts governor to do for some time (Romney has released some but not as far back as the Obama campaign would like).

This is a low-ball tactic and should be roundly called-out by responsible journalists.

Harry Reid, it should be noted, does not release his own tax returns, according to a number of reports I’ve seen on this story.



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2 responses to “Sen. Harry Reid beats his wife

  1. Anonymous

    harry reid is a scumbag

  2. Keith Porter

    on the taxes issue….only thing i have to say is…. what has romney got to hide, just do it. afterall his father released 12 yrs. just do it.

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