A few things theological

I wanted to point folks to [a friend’s site], Seeking Restoration. The site’s main subject is  Christian belief and doctrine, with a side helping of cultural items with a connection to the faith. In his most recent post, Adam explores the logical inconsistencies underlying some of the attacks on Chick-fil-A for its president’s support of biblically-based marriage.

Another site I will add to the blogroll is Ryan Pelton‘s of New City Church, where I am a member. Based at 87th & Wornall in the Waldo neighborhood, the church’s mission is to foster community among believers, to reach others with news of the gospel and to serve and renew the city. PastorPelton.com explores Christian belief and practice and also delves into life generally. One recent post questions the utility of multi-tasking, and gives three little words that will boost your productivity.

In his latest entry, Pastor Pelton writes about “how to become a better preacher.” Beyond the head-learning and practical training that should take place, working effectively as a preacher mean loving the people you teach and serve, getting outside the normal church setting to do those things, and ministering to your own family in real and understandable ways.

[This post has been redacted, 09/18/12].


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