Good customer service is aways rarer than you’d like, so sometimes I like to recognize it when it happens. The other week I bought a product called “O-liminator,” designed to keep your shoes smelling oh-so-fresh. I’ve been working out a lot recently and needed something for my running shoes.

You put a little sachet filled with pellets in each shoe which absorbs moisture and emits a pleasant, clean-smelling odor. Pretty basic, but pretty cool if it actually works. And these little guys have worked very well so far.

Unfortunately, one of the little packets came open, and I couldn’t use it anymore. Today I called the customer service line listed on the package and described what happened. A live voice picked up after a couple rings and politely asked how he could help, then listened to my explanation and my request for a replacement product. I half wondered if I was talking to to the owner of the company, such was the demeanor of the man on the other end of the line. He was curious about what happened, explained that very rarely that does happen, and took my mailing information to send me a new set of O-liminators, which he assured me would arrive next week. He thanked me for calling.

Even though one of the packets came apart in the first set, I liked how they worked well enough to buy a second set only a few days ago. They’re a bit expensive (I paid around ten bucks for one pair), but I think they’ll extend the life of my shoes, not to mention make them smell a lot better! The customer service today has given me a good impression of the company, one that is proud to stand behind their product.



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