No you didn’t…

I’m having flashbacks of Mr. Obama‘s “share the wealth” comment in 2008.

“Cause, if you got a business – that – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” So says President Barack Obama, on the campaign trail in Roanoke, Virginia on Friday. The comment has gotten a lot of play and has come under fire from groups like the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses).

I love these moments of transparency from the president. When he reveals who he really is. Even though I feel like I know the president’s politics, it still shocks me sometimes when I hear things like this. The man  has a fundamentally and deeply ingrained collectivist worldview, which shows itself in a callous disregard – some might say contempt – for the entrepreneurial spirit.

I’d like to comment more on this later, because I think this story has legs for the fall, and it’s significant. Hopefully this, along with the campaign’s overreach on suggesting Mitt Romney is a possible felon for misrepresenting the timeline of his tenure at Bain, will help turn the momentum of the last several weeks back in Romney’s favor.


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  1. Keith Porter

    obama has nothing but support for entreprenuars and small business. Get informed. The question is also…. did romney misrepresent his timeline at Bain. And if he did why? I think the facts do and will speak for themselves.

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