Western Conservative Conference

Landed in Denver this afternoon to attend the Western Conservative Summit, which kicks off in less than hour. While it’s the third annual such gathering, it’s my first time around so I’m excited for it and interested to see how it compares and contrasts to other big conservative conferences like CPAC. The event is hosted by Colorado Christian University and the Centennial Institute at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver.

Some good speakers are on tap. Tonight it’s Glenn Beck and Wayne LaPierre (of the NRA). I hope LaPierre comments on the recent incident in Minnesota in which cops apparently confiscated a concealed-carry permit holder’s firearm and caused a great deal of public commotion to do so.

The first event I’ll attend is a panel on education reform. There are simultaneous sessions on social media on Hollywood/media culture.

On a side note I’m trying out the iPhone WordPress app to make posts – which should make it a lot easier to post more often. So far, so good.


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  1. Keith Porter

    Glenn Beck? Really? I am amazed at who people will follow and believe. This country needs to come together as one…… Americans….. and Beck and people like Beck are the root cause of the polarization that has congress in the mess its in. Didnt Beck get kicked off FOX?? Why?

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