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Race riots once more?

Excellent article by Heather MacDonald in City Journal about the twentieth anniversary of the LA Riots. Law enforcement should be ready for such events, prepared to act swiftly and decisively to put a stop to them. If the George Zimmerman is acquitted, cops could be put to the test, she writes.


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by | April 24, 2012 · 2:32 am

The trouble with hate crimes

Bill Keller writes a surprisingly cogent piece for the The New York Times. The idea of criminalizing not only crime but the thought behind it gives him “…the nagging sense that hate crime legislation resembles something from an Orwell dystopia.” He also interestingly points out that hate crime legislation can promote ready-made narratives that opportunists such as Al Sharpton can easily latch onto to stoke tension for political or economic gain.

Keller is not only a columnist for The Times but also its former executive editor. In the piece, he cites his own views as well as those of liberal academic Heidi Hurd, who also rejects hate crime laws. So while conservatives have lamented hate crime legislation for some time, his observations on this topic might turn some heads – and hopefully get some people re-thinking their support for these unfortunate statutes that cloud our code of justice.

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