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Scarborough metamorphosis complete?

Is Joe Scarborough‘s transformation from Republican Congressman of Florida to something closer to a liberal-leaning MSNBC host complete? I don’t watch Morning Joe regularly, so I can’t definitively answer that question. However, I will say that every time I’ve checked in periodically over the years, it seems he’s a bit further from where he started. In the clip below for instance, he seems clueless as to why some are questioning the Trayvon Martin narrative we’ve been spoon-fed by the media. His example brings to light the old adage that the two things which will influence you most are what you read and who you spend time with. My advice to Joe: leave MSNBC now, while you still can!

Scarborough on Morning Joe, via Real Clear Politics.


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Trayvon Martin commentary

Investors Business Daily weighs in on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman issue, saying the narrative crafted by activists and carried by the media is now falling apart. I’ve been following this issue for a while and will probably offer some thoughts of my own in the coming days.

What I will say now is this: it has been disconcerting to see the way many have jumped to conclusions and spoken and acted with very little apparent knowledge of the facts of the case. Not only that, but the immediate reaction by some was to indict an entire nation as racist. The way the president inserted himself to fan the flames of racial tension in this issue was deplorable, but not exactly shocking.

I want justice to be served in this case. It doesn’t seem that Zimmerman acted wisely, but that doesn’t make him a murderer. The facts must be sorted out and the truth established. Then, if there is a case, charge him.

The media has been willfully culpable in portraying Martin as an innocent victim, and Zimmerman as a bloodthirsty perpetrator. The selective use of images (showing dated pictures of a baby-faced Trayvon and a time-worn mug-shot of a sinister-looking Zimmerman) has been totally unjournalistic. To their credit, somebody from the Poynter Institute, a media ethics group, said the very same thing on TV the other day.

More to follow….

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Santorum not up to par, says Coulter

Ann Coulter trashes GOP presidential primary candidate Rick Santorum in her latest column, saying even when he takes the right position, he makes the wrong argument. I couldn’t agree more. It’s insane that Santorum is even in the game at this point. I’ve watched him in interviews from time to time in the last couple years and remember thinking, “This guy seriously wants to run for president?”

He has absolutely no presence, and at times seems slow on his feet. As I discussed in my last post, he also has difficulties communicating with constituencies who don’t reflect his own values. That’s problematic when you’re trying to win over a national electorate.

The former Pennsylvania senator has looked good on the stump a few times during this race, and has played the role of the tortoise admirably. He kept slogging on in Iowa for months on end, even when it looked like he had no chance of winning. And that’s paid off. Whether by luck or strength, he’s the last un-Romney standing. But enough of this, let’s get this thing over. Santorum shouldn’t be left standing, and it’s time to knock him out.

Republican primary voters, do your duty.

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