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You’re violating my civil rights…

…By not giving me an extra long booth for my rapidly expanding thighs. So says Martin Kessman – an obese man living in New York – to the fast food chain White Castle. If this isn’t proof that the “civil rights” rhetoric has gone too far, I don’t know what is. Everything’s a “civil right” now days. Just ask Kessman, et al. A local Fox affiliate has the story. Kudos Drudge.

A side note: a lawsuit has been filed, which presumably means a lawyer is involved. Can you strip an attorney’s license for this kind of non-sensical behavior? Reminds me of the time a Washington, D.C. resident (a judge!) sued the little dry-cleaners place he went to for losing his pants….in the amount of 80 million dollars or so.


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Man faces 75 years for taping cops

The State of Illinois is fighting to put a 41 year old mechanic behind bars for the rest of his life because he videotaped cops. Michael Allison faces five charges of eavesdropping, each carrying up to fifteen years in jail. He refused to cut a deal with prosecutors, because he does not believe he committed a crime.

Unfortunately, the video footage shot by Allison isn’t available, because it was confiscated by cops. News coverage of the story, however, is available in these clips from NBC Channel 2 of Wabash Valley. The ACLU is defending the man, who says he has never been arrested or accused of a time. Similar charges have been dropped or reduced in other states.



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