Costa Rica

For the next three weeks, I´ll be studying Spanish in Costa Rica. I hope to update the blog a couple times a week.

One question I have about the country is about its lack of military. If you´re researching travel in Costa Rica on the net, you´ll find sources that happily attribute the country´s relative peace and prosperity (relative to its Central American neighbors) to its decision to disband its army around 1948.  Money not spent on national defense is spent on education and healthcare, leading to a higher standard of living, goes the story.

It sounds great, but there´s got to be more to it. At least, that´s what I´m thinking; I´d like to find out while I´m here.  Is Costa Rica a bit like Japan or Switzerland?

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  1. Anonymous

    hmm. that’s interesting. It might be that they could afford not to spend on national defense during that time (around 1948)because our government was so involved in Central American affairs, attempting to stop the USSR and other communist states from exporting their ideology, that they (Costa Ricans)thought ‘what’s the danger? It would be in the interest of the US to protect us if we are threatened.’
    In which case, there was ‘another side’ to it. We were making up for their shortfall in defense spending. This is only a thought off the top of my head, and probably not worth the trouble it even took to read it, but there ya go.
    or, maybe they just figured people were war weary and there just wasn’t enough popular support for a standing military.
    you know, now that I’m typing this, I guess I remember that after our Revolution people were incredibly weary of having a standing military, so maybe I’m coming at this from the wrong angle.

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