If it sounds too good to be true…

The White House, its allies and some in the media have been talking about the “cuts” in President Obama‘s recently proposed “budget” – you know, being hard times and what with the deficit and all. Gee, that must have been tough, but then again doing the right thing isn’t always easy! Thank goodness we’ve got a president willing to lead during these difficult times.

Or not. Obviously (for anyone who has paid attention the last two years or beyond), any suggestion of austerity from this administration is nothing more than political posturing, and cannot be taken at face value. So it really wasn’t credible to be talking about “cuts” in the budget. (To be fair, it rarely is when anybody in DC talks about cuts.)

There’s been discussion of the budget and what to make of it, and as usual Charles Krauthammer cuts through much of the clutter to offer cogent analysis. Read his Washington Post commentary on the budget, and continue to learn about our president.

P.S. Barack Obama had one of the most successful lame duck sessions in recent memory, and got a bounce in the polls to show for it. With this disastrous budget and its phony presentation, along with his small-minded meddling in state politics (see Wisconsin), the president may have stumbled badly enough to lose this momentum.


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