Education agenda in Missouri

Sen. David Pearce (R-Warrensburg) has pre-filed several education bills in the state legislature. The Daily Star-Journal reports, via John Combest.

SB12 tailors the foundation formula to deal with current revenue challenges.

SB13 charges the joint education committee to oversee a task force on teacher compensation and effectiveness.

SB14 instructs DESE to clarify the transfer rights of students in unaccredited districts.

Commenting on the task force, Pearce signaled interest in more closely tying teacher evaluations to student achievement. The assessment could facilitate performance pay agreements between teachers and districts. For example, a teacher could choose to forsake tenure in exchange for earned bonuses.

MNEA legislative director Otto Fajen claimed to welcome the study, before  disparaging its idea for a “pay scheme” as invalid and unviable. The  knowledgeable – but ever gloomy and predictable – Fajen was good for a colorful quote, however:

“Teachers are already doing the best they know how and… what they really do not need is for someone to tell them, ‘If you were thinking more about money, you would do a better job.’ Does that make sense? They’re lucky to have time to pee during the school day.” (emphasis added)

I noticed among the pre-filings that Sen. Robin Wright-Jones (D-St. Louis) has introduced SB20 and SB21 to expand compulsory attendance in the city of St. Louis to kids age five (or four, depending on birthday) through eighteen. Sen. Jane Cunningham (R-Chesterfield) has filed SB51, requiring public libraries to avoid making obscene materials available to minors.

Will try to take a look tomorrow at any pre-filed education measures in the House – I know Rep. Sara Lampe (D-Springfield) has one on autism, but there may be more.


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