Fighting cancer

My piano teacher, Debi Hake, has been battling breast cancer since May of this year. The Columbia Missourian presented her story in a sideshow on its website. We hope and pray the best for Debi and her family.

While on this topic of dealing with serious illness, I also want to point to the story of Colleen Kelly. A couple weeks ago at Every Square Inch, I read some words she had to share about her own battle with cancer, and the ways in which her relationship with God was shaped in the process.

Death scares me, though if I had great faith, it would not. I’m inspired by those who can look it in the face and see God, not only in the next life but in this one, as well.

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  1. True….death is an invasive a procedure as one can order up. I’ve been a little more than ticked off with Health Care Reform, regarding, because my grandmother has lost her hair three times during Breast Cancer treatment. I applaud the Cowboys and the NFL in taking time to regard the fight against it. I also urge Americans to really take a close look at what is being done with their insurance, coverage and qualifying status. Oregon has a haunting preface for us all. Their policies prevent late-state coverage but opt for Euthanasia. We don’t wanna go down that road!

    When methotrexate fails, the hard drugs are given. MTX is the gold standard for cases near remission and there’s a lot of research being done on the BRCA-1 gene. However, when the economy crumples, funding does dry up. There are pharmaceutical companies that have a little slack in their ropeand hope in their pocket….but the fight will likely not stop just because Socialized Medicine only allows treatment on a per-quota basis.

    We can all hope and pray at that point NOT to fear death, to have REAL HOPE in God, faith and love for our fellow human….but we will have to understand that death knows no mercy. Nor does Obamacare or the overextended Social Medicad, Medicare, Social Security network.

    Just a though and goodness how my heart, as a woman of faith and endurance, bleeds for those two!

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