Fox News ditching news?

I’ve noticed that Special Report on Fox News (the cable news channel’s prime time newscast) has moved Brit Hume‘s commentary spots up in the program. I’ve gotta say, I like Brit Hume and I like his commentaries. But I think they should put those in the second half of the program, either right before or after the roundtable discussion.

Special Report is one of the few shows on FNC that is devoted primarily to hard news, as opposed to commentary, entertainment, or fluff. It’s been one of my favorite news shows for a while  – particularly when Brit Hume anchored the program until a couple years ago – and it’s been an important source of credibility for the oft-maligned network. Hume himself came to Fox News from ABC News, and while he garnered controversy over his Tiger Woods/Christianity remark a little while ago, I think he’s generally been a highly respected journalist with the public and professional media types alike.

Moving up the commentary, placing it right in the middle of the early reporting and news coverage of the program, takes away from the nature of the program as a news program. Even if they do put “COMMENTARY” in big floating letters behind Brit’s head.

The problem with Fox News isn’t that they don’t do real news, as some critics on the left have alleged. The problem with Fox News, as a self described “news channel,” is that they don’t do enough real news. Keep Brit, but keep him his editorial content on the “editorial page,” which in this case, is the last 20 minutes or so of the program.


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