Whitlock on Maher

Jason Whitlock – whom I don’t always agree with but so often makes it interesting – takes Bill Maher to task in The Kansas City Star today for the comedian’s unreasonably caustic  attitude towards faith and the faithful.  I’ve got to say, I really appreciate Whitlock speaking out on this issue.  Whitlock actually counts himself among the fans of Maher, so his criticism carries special significance.

Last Sunday, Dave Cover, senior pastor at The Crossing Church in Columbia, Missouri, spoke on a similar topic, regarding the fundamentalism of some of the new atheists such as Maher. He noted that religious fundamentalists of any stripe seek to expel and ridicule, thereby shutting down serious conversational exchange. You can find a podcast on the church website, linked to above.



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3 responses to “Whitlock on Maher

  1. I recall leaving a comment on Whitlock’s story last week. I used to find Maher funny in the 1990’s, but it’s my impression that he — like so many on the left following the controversial 2000 election result and the occurrence of 9-11 — has completely gone off the far left deep end over the past 10 years. I’ve personally known people who have gone the same direction, and it’s frankly sad. I can’t even stomach to watch the guy anymore.

  2. anastis

    Much like the rest of the militant new atheist movement, maher is nothing but a parasite. Such people have nothing substantive or constructive to offer so they resort to imbecilic mockery and irreverence in a pathetic attempt to make themselves appear smart. Their only concern is to leech off other religions to gain public attention. But the truth is, if you actually read their literature, all you run into is irrationality, fear-mongering and hate. Upon reading much of it – and I am really glad I did – I realized that their ideology is based on nothing but anti-intellectualism and materialistic dogma. Logic was nowhere to be found.

    Brian, feel free to contact me if you need any insight on this matter. I have a plethora of books by Christian philosophers and intellectuals I can recommend for you and quite a bit so say about this moral and intellectual degeneracy known as militant atheism.

    Take care my friend.

  3. Kudos to Whitlock. I have long thought of Maher as a detestable pestilence in the Mass Media community. His antics are snide at best and his perceptions of reality and truth are enough to make me vomit. I give Whitlock’s comments two gold starts for raw and uncut validity. Thank goodness there are always good men and women among us and I hope we can all just be patient enough to have the audacity to tolerate rude aethism.

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