Tabloid alleges Obama scandal

The National Enquirer is reporting that Barack Obama may have carried on an affair with a former campaign aide to his 2004 Senate run. The national tabloid newspaper is running the story as an exclusive, and is linked to by Drudge this evening.

Obviously, this has to be viewed with major skepticism. However, it was the National Enquirer that lead the way in discovering John Edwards‘ illicit relationship, scooping more credible mainstream sources. All I will say at the moment is that I hope that this is untrue, both for the sake of the president’s family and this nation.

At the moment, I certainly give him the benefit of the doubt in the face of this sort of accusation, coming from this sort of source. There is no evidence, and no sources are attributed by name. I post the link here only because it is a significant allegation, and could become a major story.


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