Kobach on immigration in NYT

Here. Misinformation is abounding about this bill. I even read some bogus claims about it in The Economist today, a publication I usually respect. Anyway. Read. Be informed. And if you’re really cool, read the actual statute. Doing so may save you from being fooled by the alarmist rhetoric emanating from our precious political cognoscenti.

UPDATE: 04/30/10: Yesterday, a couple of my political science professors each made misstatements about the bill during classes. This is getting insane. I emailed the Kobach piece to both of them.  Let’s fight the misinformation. This is not to say there isn’t legitimate discussion surrounding a bill like this. But, that discussion must start with the facts as they are, not as some fantasize them to be.

UPDATE: CNN.com reports that some Hispanic Americans support the bill. One interviewee, an Hispanic woman, says she’s been called a racist so many times that she doesn’t mind the label anymore. I can definitely understand the sentiment. “Racism” is the reactionary label used by liberals to shut down debate when they have little information that would better support their case. It is used with frequency that would be alarming if it weren’t becoming so much of a joke.  If you’ve been called a racist by a liberal on your college campus, for example, there’s a good chance you’re doing something right (unless you’re obviously doing something wrong).

UPDATE: 05/01/10: Heather MacDonald of the City Journal takes apart a NYT editorial bashing the immigration law. Why are the libel and slander of the bill, its intentions and its authors and supporters allowed to continue? When the nation’s premiere journalistic establishment engages in exactly this sort of distortion of the truth and misguided attack on its political opponents, why would we expect any other mainstream outlet to get it right or play fair?

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