Feed the hungry (something good)

If you’re going to feed the hungry, you might as well give them good food. That’s what Sustain Mizzou aims to do this week, by purchasing natural foods from local farmers to then donate to the Central Missouri Food Bank. The student organization is conducting its Food Drive on the MU Campus at Speakers Circle this week, every day from 10am-3pm. I noticed them yesterday and stopped to fish some change out of my backpack while chatting briefly with one of the club members. Today, the group’s event was included in the MU listserv announcement.

I’m not an vegetarian, a vegan, a food activist or even an all-0rganic type of guy. I’ll probably always eat red meat and I don’t think every single chemical additive used in modern food products is a terrible thing. What I do know is that by eating more fruits and vegetables in the last several months, I’ve really improved by health and general well-being (more on that later). I also believe that if you can get that produce locally, there’s a good chance it will be fresher, among other benefits.

If you’re around Columbia, check out the Food Drive and give it your support. I’ll be the first one to condemn Sustain Mizzou if they want to get political and try to ban trans-fat in Columbia or something like that. As long as they’re rolling up their sleeves to get some good food to some local people in need, I’ll support them all the way.


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