MU senior reflects on BCC incident

In a letter to The Maneater, MU student Richard Scheff responds to activists seeking to portray the BCC incident as evidence of widespread racism meriting an aggressive, politicized reaction. The crime itself – and not the associated emotion – deserves punishment for any involved.

Scheff describes today’s realities for life as a young, white male Protestant, in which the rules of the game are different for him than others, and the culture is overtly hostile. He writes that he treats others equally and would like the the government to do the same.

I applaud this student for standing up and giving his opinion. On today’s college campus, that takes courage on an issue like this, where a handful of loud voices, emboldened by a sense of absolute moral certitude and superiority, seek to suppress debate by insinuating all manner of malevolence to those who dare dissent from liberal academic orthodoxy on race and culture.


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