Great day at CPAC. LONG day at CPAC.

Former UN ambassador John Bolton gave a great speech this morning. Ann Coulter was Ann Coulter, giving a caustic yet thoroughly entertaining address this afternoon. And Glenn Beck gave a fairly lengthy keynote speech tonight, covering a range of topics but really keying in the reality and danger of progressivism. Much more in between.

One of the day’s best panels featured Jonah Goldberg, Amity Shlaes and another expert on progressive history and economics. Newt Gingrich earned a rock star’s welcome when he made his entrance, and gave a speech in which he talked about what real bi-partisanship would look like in the next couple years. I also enjoyed a panel featuring several leading academics discuss the current state of academic standards and academic freedom in today’s university system, and strategies to address the problems.

I have some thoughts on the staw poll, Ron Paul, and more, but will have to wait to post those in the next day or two. For a preview: CPAC needs to change its straw poll procedure. About 2,400 people voted  – the most in the history of the poll – from all fifty states and the District of Columbia. However, there were 10,000 people registered for the Conservative Political Action Conference. The key word being action. Yet less than a majority even voted in the straw poll. This makes it easy for an intense faction like the Ron Paul folks to take the event and make headlines, producing results that by no means seemed to represent the conference constituency at large. More on that later. Right now, I’m watching a Seinfeld episode and going to bed.


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