Tomorrow I’ll fly to Washington, D.C. for CPAC, the nationwide annual gathering of conservative leaders and activists. I’ll be posting updates and observations from the event, and perhaps relay the reactions of others from the Show-Me State who make the trip this year.

Andrea Plunkett, Platte County resident and founder of Americans for Conservative Training, has set up a personal page to blog from the event. Town Hall is offering extensive live coverage of the event, and there will be a number of sites tracking CPAC developments.

The presidential straw poll is always one of the most interesting events at CPAC. Because the conference draws activists from around the country and from different segments of the movement, the poll results are usually a pretty good indicator of which potential candidate currently has the most active support.

In some years campaigns have aggressively attempted to “get out the vote,” bringing in supporters to the conference and lobbying other conference-goers to support their candidate on the paper ballot received upon checking in to the event. It will be interesting to see if any campaigns are doing that already this year. This is something you would expect from an aggressive, well-organized outfit like Romney’s supporters.

Missouri’s John Ashcroft will speak at the event. Glenn Beck is one of the big draws this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what his message will be to the conservative movement. I’m not a Beck fanatic but he’s doing some important work and clearly has energized supporters and detractors alike.

Some of the speakers I’m most looking forward to include Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, George Will, Newt Gingrich and Marco Rubio. I’ll be interested to see if Pence leaves any hints on the table as far as any of his potential plans for 2012, a subject which has seemed to slowly but steadily get increasing play over the last year or so.


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  1. Anonymous

    I would think that first on Pence’s mind would be running for the Indiana senate! Geez, at least it should be.

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