Diversity Discussions

Diversity remains a buzz word on today’s college campuses, including the University of Missouri. The term has come to represent a sociopolitical movement with a sweeping agenda of establishing and enforcing certain liberal mores of political correctness. Its acolytes live to lecture others, but often assume the guise of benign and disinterested parties who seek to simply “ask questions” and stage “difficult dialogues.”

Is it wise to participate in such exercises, given the inherent ideological and immoderate approach to the issues? That is the question I ask in a piece for the National Association of Scholars, as I reflect on some of my recent experiences in attempting such engagement.

Over the next several months I will guest contribute to the organization’s website. I will continue to devote full attention to Principally Political, while linking to anything that I publish at NAS.  I’m humbled by this special opportunity.


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One response to “Diversity Discussions

  1. I read your excellent piece at the NAS website. I wish more people asked the questions and suggested the solutions.

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