What’s going on? Obama bows to…….Mayor Pam Iorio 0f Tampa, Florida.

Maybe he thought he had landed in Cuba and was greeting a new communist head of state.

Via Drudge.



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2 responses to “Seriously?

  1. Brian T. Johnson

    Thanks for the good food for thought. I agree, in certain circumstances it might be less objectionable than others, given the intention and potential symbolic implications. However, in general, I believe that as our combined head of state and head of government, and given our leadership role in the world, Mr. Obama should not bow to foreign leaders. Particularly in cultures where bowing is viewed as an act of submission, imperial homage or indication of subject status.

  2. Anonymous

    I was actually thinking today about POTUS bowing to heads of states, and whether or not it was appropriate. I think that it probably is wrong to bow to a head of state, as he apparently did to the King of Saudi Arabia, but in certain circumstances (like if he’s just meeting a normal person) I can understand it. When I was little, my parents had me study the Suzuki violin method. Every lesson, I greeted my teacher with a bow, and she returned it. It was a sign of mutual respect, and while in that situation it was a teacher/student relationship, I can understand it in other situations too. Don’t know…just some food for thought.
    On the list of things that President Obama has done that bother me, this lies somewhere between wearing a flag pin on his lapel and giving the Queen of England an iPod. haha

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