How will McCaskill sell her health care vote?

That is, how will justify it it to Missourians? The problem for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) , it would seem, is that the auditor has positioned herself as a fiscal watchdog and an opponent of underhanded political budgeting. Thus, she can not accept overt pork in exchange for her vote, a la the Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, and Dollars for Dodd.

So how will she square her rhetoric with her vote on the final package? In all fairness to McCaskill, her rhetoric has actualized into reality at times. Her hard line against earmarks and such may be so much talk – and mostly symbolic, as pork consumes only a fraction of one percent of the total national budget – but for better or worse she has seemed to live up to some of her talking points on this matter.

However, if Claire votes for health care, whatever image she has cultivated as a fiscally-sound lawmaker will blow up instantaneously. That is at least – if the facts are made to be known far and wide. I’ve posted in the past day or two about some of the financial gimmickry going on with the health care debate. This is not a sound bill, there is absolutely nothing conservative about it, and contrary to what Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill may say, it will do nothing to strengthen health care, reduce long term costs, improve the economy or “save or create” jobs.

So, if Sen. Claire McCaskill votes for this final health care bill, as I expect she will, you can expect that I will do everything I can to hammer home the true facts about her record of fiscal accountability. As an auditor and a public servant, she ought to be ashamed of herself for going along with the cynical gamesmanship that Harry Reid and Barack Obama are playing with the numbers on health care. It’s up to every one of us (objective journalists, civic-minded citizens, political observers, independent and conservative bloggers, etc) to point out the truth.

For Claire McCaskill, the truth may hurt. Say good bye to your pristine, hard-earned image of fiscal responsibility. Must have been nice while it lasted.


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