Writing…..a great way to communicate

This winter break, one thing I’ll be doing is taking time to catch up on personal correspondence, and connect with people generally. Writing letters seems to be a thing of the past – but it shouldn’t be. This evening I wrote a letter, and I’ll be writing more in the coming days and weeks. It takes a little motivation to start, but once in the process, and especially at the moment of sealing the envelope or dropping it in the mail, it’s always worth it.

People enjoy receiving letters, and it also so often manages to bring out good things in the sender. Writing (particularly by hand), in the form of a note or letter, enables and may promote intentional, deliberative, polite yet honest communication between two people. It is a civilized thing to do, I think.

Anyway. That’s all for this evening. A personal little manifesto on the benefits of letter writing. May I write many letters in my life – and receive some, too.



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2 responses to “Writing…..a great way to communicate

  1. Brian Johnson

    Thanks, Caleb! You know, in “The Art of The Handwritten Note,” the author says that recipients usually are more than willing to overlook or forgive poor penmanship because they are so glad to be receiving a hand-written letter in the first place! Plus, even imperfections come across as making the letter seem personal.

    Oh, and regarding “winter break.” Yes, I’ve usually said “Christmas break” in the past – and may still – but I’m on break from MU, which calls this a “winter break.” Plus, it’s more than Christmas. It’s New Years, and all the other days in there. Also, with “Christmas,” you think holidays and holiday greetings, which usually are a certain type of greeting, or at least people (like my readers, etc) may have a certain connotation of “Christmas” “letters.” And I’m not really talking about “Christmas” letters. I’m just talking about letters.

  2. It is nice to receive a handwritten letter. I’m not sure if anybody would want to receive one from me, with my penmanship, but perhaps it’s the honesty and deliberateness that counts.
    What’s with ‘winter’ break? I plan on having a wonderful ‘Christmas’ break.

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