Personal note

On a personal note, this week is finals at the University of Missouri-Columbia, which is why I’ve been a little behind on posting in recent days and really the last two weeks or so. As many of you know, I returned to school recently to complete a degree in political science. I’ll graduate this May, something I am really looking forward to.

This semester has been great – I’ve learned a lot, and it’s gone by fast. I have one more exam on Wednesday (“Congress and Legislative Policy”), then I should be back on a fairly normal routine after that. Thanks for your continued readership.

ALSO – I want to note for the record that the last post – on Obama’s slide in the polls – is the 400th posting for Principally Political. A nice little milestone if I do say so myself….Friday will be the official One Year Anniversary of the site, and I hope to offer some thoughts on what I’ve learned, and what’s in store for the next year of Principally Political. It’s been a blast and I’m eager to continue to learn, grow and have fun in the process.


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3 responses to “Personal note

  1. Brian Johnson

    Hmmm…I know you’ve been encouraging me to do that…I probably just need to get off my backside and make it happen. I do still have my reservations about the medium itself, but I suppose like any technology, if used properly, it can be a useful tool. I wonder if there’s any way I could tweet and have them appear directly as posts on my blog? are you savvy enough to know about that?

  2. you should tweet if you don’t have the time to post this week…

  3. Anonymous

    congrats! keep ’em coming

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