Krauthammer on environmentalism as socialism

The always impactful Charles Krauthammer, yesterday:

The Environmental Shakedown

Krauthammer takes on international political environmentalism, and that at home, currently manifested by the EPA’s assertion of authority to regulate carbon emissions.

When will Krauthammer win another Pulizter? Ever? He is increasingly becoming recognized as the most important critic of the Obama administration – I recall a Politico profile a while back, and more recently, a cover story in National Review, entitled Critic-in-Chief – but can a conservative win a Pulitzer these days? Would the committee dare?

Food for thought.


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One response to “Krauthammer on environmentalism as socialism

  1. caleb

    I love Krauthammer, so I hope so. Did you hear Jim VandeHei of Politico (and formerly Washington Post) just joined the board of Pulitzer? so, maybe….

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