How to write fast

Dustin Wax shares some tips on how to write fast. Today, I struggled to write fast, and it cost me.

On a final exam in one of my political science courses, I got off to a slow start and allowed myself to be distracted a couple times trying to find the perfect way to phrase something, when a lesser but still correct way would have been just fine. Ultimately, I had to rush both essays towards the end, and they weren’t as comprehensive as I would have liked, even though I knew all the information I wanted to convey. In this instance, it cost me a few points on an exam.

Then, I spent longer than I should have writing a personal email. Again, I wanted to get everything just right. I don’t know why I feel this need….maybe it’s the perfectionist in me, or the people-pleaser, or what, I’m not sure. Anyway, in this case, it cost me some time.

I’ve always had difficulty writing fast – and when you add that to a tendency to procrastinate, you get real problems – so I’m grateful for Dustin’s advice. Check it out. Oh yeah, and read this on punctuality. If you ever struggle with time-management, this might really help you change your perspective and give you some motivation.

In fact, learning how to write more spontaneously, to develop that habit, was one of the reasons I started blogging. I think it’s working. But I’m obviously not there yet!

P.S. I wrote this in just under 10 minutes.



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3 responses to “How to write fast

  1. Brian Johnson

    Thanks, Mom, and thanks, Laura!

    Yes, it seems when we’re really under the gun, then magically we seem to be able to write faster. So, perhaps pretending is the way to go….

    Good luck on Wednesday!

  2. Laura

    Oh my goodness…I totally failed at that exam…Well, hopefully not actually “failed,” but you get the point. I hate not having enough time!! I wish I had magic hands to scribble faster…those last ten minutes go by so fast. 😦

    Maybe if we wrote the entire time as if it were the last ten minutes, we would be better off! 🙂

    Good luck on your Congress and Legislative Policy exam! See ya at 8am! (yuck)

    -by the way-it’s Laura (from both Poli-Sci classes lol).

  3. Nancy Armstrong Johnson

    Wow, Brian…Nice work!

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