The politicization of pedagogy

This is a prime example of one thing that is wrong with the nation’s education system – schools of education that are highly politicized along radical ideological lines. Katherine Kersten details the story in her commentary for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Do not think this is an isolated incident, however. Colleges of Education at universities across the country are severe in their liberal, ideological approach to the teaching profession. An emphasis on pedagogy is partly what enables this focus on politics, although political bias also comes in the form of skewed presentations of subject matter itself.

The best way to maximize each child’s opportunity in life is to extensively educate him or her in the most important areas of skills and knowledge. There may be things to learn beyond “reading, writing and arithmetic,” but surely not at the cost of these fundamentals, nor in a way that undermines the core values that have enabled freedom and prosperity for this nation.


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