Sarah Palin, good for GOP?

Not so much, says David Corn.

It’s not often that I’ll highlight anything in The Nation*, but here’s Corn’s piece on Sarah Palin. He writes that the GOP not only risks being defined by Palin, but that other GOP leading lights are being overshadowed by the former Alaska governor. Oddly enough, I find myself in at least partial agreement with Corn on these points, and that they’re not good for the Republican Party.

I watched a decent portion of the Palin interview on Oprah today – until KOMU cut out inexplicably – and thought she did…okay. Will try to catch the rest of it later and maybe add a few thoughts. Oprah has a great way of being subtle yet still taking her digs and putting someone on the defensive. And obviously, while Oprah is a pro she’s also a partisan in this case.

Finally, to anybody who is wondering, yes, I’m still going to review Dr. Catherine Rymph‘s Palin lecture delivered at MU the other week. Some interesting thoughts there that I want to address.

Finally (no, really), I have to again take issue with Rush Limbaugh for his unblushing praise of Palin on his radio program today. Come on, Rush. You’re a smart guy…so why do you have it so wrong here??? To reiterate on why I think Rush is so gung-ho Palin, I think he saw, and sees, some attacks that are a little too personal or a little too nasty or misguided on some plane, and feels compelled to defend her. That’s fine, but you don’t need to go to the mat saying she’s all that.

Palin is not fit to lead a serious movement of ideas, and that should be obvious to someone like Rush, who has been at the forefront of a serious political movement for the last twenty years (whether you agree with conservatism or not, you would at least have to recognize the significance of its principal ideas and the fact that it has had a major impact on a country that for many decades had been steering left until Reagan).

*Correction:  This piece is featured in Politics Daily, not The Nation. David Corn is the former Washington editor of The Nation, but no longer. My apologies for the error.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin, good for GOP?


    She chose their opportunities
    To become strong, not weak
    By pulling up her boot straps
    She acquired the dreams we seek.

    Her personal goals of well being
    Will never stand in the way
    Of doing her public duty
    No matter what others may say.

    Her devotion shall prove contagious
    It’s the brilliance of her kind
    What you find within her
    Is great character of mind.

    With faith and courage, she must live
    For her life to be complete
    With good morals and family life
    She’ll triumph, even in defeat.

    She was raised to participate
    Within her community
    With her fellow men and women
    She’ll enrich life and liberty.


    She’s a soldier for the Lord
    Who’s been up and who’s been down
    Though while on the battlefield
    She has never turned around.

    She’ll face more than flesh and blood
    With the devil’s evil hoard.
    But they shall not steal her soul
    For she swings our Lord’s swift sword.

    She wears all of God’s armor
    With helmet, breastplate and shield.
    As Satan’s arrows fly by
    From his archers of the field.

    The devil casts his dark net
    Over any he may charm.
    He’ll lead them from salvation
    With his hands upon their arm.

    She battles evil daily
    And prays that you’ll join her.
    She gives new hope for this world
    To be better then we were.

    By Tom Zart
    Most Published Poet
    On The Web

  2. Brian Johnson


    I have unapproved your comment because it was inappropriate. If you would like to share your thoughts I welcome that but please do so respectfully. Thank you.

    – Brian T. Johnson

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