Ft. Hood killer linked to 9/11 hijackers

UPDATE: There must be a full investigation not only into the events that occurred last week at Fort Hood, but into Nidal Malik Hasan’s Army career and why he was not dealt with earlier. There are reports that Army officials were warned that Hasan was a ticking time bomb. Why was he not thoroughly investigated at the time? Did officials deliberately ignore this possible threat? If so, why? Exactly which officials are responsible? The Defense Department and the Justice Department must investigate this and find the answers.

From the Telegraph.

Background information has emerged quickly on Nidal Malik Hasan, bolstering the appearance that this was an Islamic-inspired act of terrorism. Knowing other facts about him (the alarming blog postings, the fact that he described his nationality as “Palestinian” at one point – when there is no such nationality and Hasan is a native-born American citizen), when I first read that he was from Northern Virginia, it made absolute sense.

Certain pockets of Northern Virginia – particularly some neighborhoods in the Falls Church and Arlington areas – are hotbeds of radical Islamic activity. Now it turns out, Hasan actually worshiped at the same mosque as some of the 9/11 hijackers.

Oh – but don’t “jump to conclusions” about any of this, says our president. Hasan could’ve just been some ordinary guy going postal.


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