More praises for Dear Leader

The unsettling sights and sounds of youth, coached to sing praises to the national leader, continue to emerge. Big Hollywood publishes eleven new videos, available on YouTube, of schoolchildren of various ages performing various compositions in honor and adulation of Barack Obama.

There is something truly disturbing about this. Any time organized choruses of school children sing praises about the head of government and head of state, it evokes a certain dystopian feeling.

Here’s the thing: what makes dystopias so intensely, psychotically suffocating is that most of the people believe what is happening is good. There is a moral, and more importantly an emotional consensus, or perceived consensus, in favor of contemporary societal developments. All manner of tactical feel-goodism is employed to advance the interests of the power structure – or, society, in the minds of supporters.

We read a fiction story or we study any number of examples in history where whole nations or cultures were lead astray or began to walk down the path of their destruction. It is so obvious to us as the reader or viewer what is happening. It was likewise so for some people in the situation in question.

But for too many others, they were part of the masses that made it possible. That allowed it. That coached children to sing the leader’s praises. That questioned and criticized others for questioning and criticizing the leaders.

The singing needs to stop.

Here is one of the many videos available:

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