Election Results, Latest Polling Data

[UPDATE: McDonnell (R) wins Virginia. Christie (R) wins New Jersey. Owens (D) holds close edge over Hoffmann (C) in NY 23. Politico seems to have one of the better live update boards tonight.]

Virginia. Latest Polling: McDonnell (R) +13.4%

New Jersey. Latest Polling: Christie (R) +1%

New York 23. Latest Polling: Hoffmann (R) +5%

California 10. Latest Polling: Garamendi (D) +10%

TOMORROW MORNING on Principally Political: We’ll look at the “Obama Impact,” which I use to label the difference in each of these electoral jurisdictions between the vote total percentage Obama won in November 2008, versus the votes earned by the Democrat in November 2009. It’s been a year since Obama was elected and Democrats increased their margins in the House and Senate. Does the public like what they see? Are these races even fair or accurate proxies for that question? How, if at all, will the results impact current congressional ongoings? That and more, coming up…


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