Time to decide on Afghanistan

Charles Krauthammer in his weekly column says it’s time for President Obama to decide how to proceed in Afghanistan – and to stop blaming George W. Bush for the problems there and elsewhere:

“It’s as if Obama’s presidency hasn’t really started. He’s still taking inventory of the Bush years. Just this Monday, he referred to “long years of drift” in Afghanistan in order to, I suppose, explain away his own, well, yearlong drift on Afghanistan. …

“In other words, Obama is facing the same decision on Afghanistan that Bush faced in late 2006 in deciding to surge in Iraq. …

“He is to be commended for reconsidering. But it is time he acted like a president and decided…”


The president did, however, stage a photo op Wednesday saluting fallen soldiers being returned home from Afghanistan. Presumably, administration officials were sensitive to unease and frustration from military families who are waiting for the commander in chief to command, along with the general public. Even I’ve got to admit, it was a really, really presidential-looking salute. Resolute, upright and bold. Unfortunately, those are “just words.”



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  1. maplesyrup21

    I agree with Charles Krauthammer

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