GOP wave in 2010?

Today’s bearer of good tidings is the estimable Mr. George F. Will, who considers whether a Republican wave might be building as the midterms approach.

Some fun facts: 38 seats are up for grabs, 19 Dem and 19 GOP-held seats. This is a pleasant change from recent cycles in which Dems held a structural advantage in that the GOP was defending more ground. Also, Dems are on urgent defense for seats that should be strongholds for them: Deleware, Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, and so on.

The environment is finally looking up for Republicans. It’s only a question of how bad it will get for the Dems and what the GOP can do to capitalize. A victory by Roy Blunt here in Missouri is of course a critical part of regaining serious stopping power in the Senate. If voters send more Republicans to Washington next year, Obama’s best chance to remake the country in his image could be gone forever.

As I said, happy thoughts. But a year’s a long way off.


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