Boy possibly stuck in homemade hot air balloon

(just turn on the cables, you’ll see it)

Two thoughts on Balloon Boy:

1) You couldn’t get a more quintessential American cable tv news story! A six year old boy wanders into the homemade balloon presumably being built or stored in his backyard.  Balloon accidentally starts to take off, and now the child (maybe – we don’t know for sure) is inside, thousands of feet in the air, floating across Colorado at 20-30 mph. Wow. It’s scary and I join everybody in pulling for this little guy, but you also have to just crack up laughing about the whole thing. At  least once.

2) How quickly will we see legislation filed to prevent future such incidents with homemade hot air balloons! You can just guess. As soon as this thing lands there are going to be lawmakers who want a piece of the action. Mark my words.


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