Obama’s Dreams…not so much

Terrorists give some people nightmares, but gave Barack Obama dreams.

Bill Ayers, radical left wing educational theorist and former domestic terrorist, has acknowledged that he actually wrote Barack Obama‘s memoir, “Dreams of My Father.”  Anne Leary, who authors the blog Backyard Conservative, encountered Ayers at Reagan National:

“Then, unprompted he said–I wrote Dreams From My Father. I said, oh, so you admit it. He said–Michelle asked me to. I looked at him. He seemed eager. He’s about my height, short. He went on to say–and if you can prove it, we can split the royalties. So I said, stop pulling my leg. Horrible thought. But he came again–I really wrote it, the wording was similar. I said I believe you probably heavily edited it. He said–I wrote it. I said–why would I believe you, you’re a liar.”

Kansas City’s own Jack Cashill has been investigating and writing about this possibility for some time. In his latest article, he notes that a new book by Christopher Anderson suggests solidifies the case. From the article:

“In a lengthy and detailed section on the Obama’s financial struggles in the early 1990s, Andersen relates how at the urging of Michelle, a “hopelessly blocked” Obama turned to “friend and neighbor” Bill Ayers to help him with his much acclaimed 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.”

Now comes the Ayers admission. Let’s see how long it takes the White House or somebody from the Obama camp to issue a statement. That will happen only if this starts to gain steam. I read it via the News Max roundup, courtesy of Jason Barnes, who included it at the top of his morning rounds. Looks like Backyard Conservative is getting lots of link love this morning….

We’ll follow this. Check in with Jack Cashill because I’m sure he’ll continue to be at the front of this story.

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