Background emerging on Kevin Jennings

More background info is emerging on Kevin Jennings, President Obama‘s “safe schools” point person at the Department of Education. Excellent reporting here by Lori Roman of Regular Folks United.

In the last few days, Jennings has garnered unflattering attention for his failure to report a case of statutory rape when he was a school teacher.

Now it is revealed that among other things, Jennings has said he was inspired by NAMBLA enthusiast Harry Hay. (That would be the North American Man Boy Love Association). The deceased Hay was a communist and one of the nation’s foremost political advocates of pedophilia.

Safe schools, indeed.

Again, I can’t say that I’m surprised by any of this. I would be surprised if a GLSEN founder like Jennings didn’t have the type of views, background and associations outlined by Roman.

The big question is how much attention this issue is going to receive in the coming days. Obviously, legacy media outlets will do their best to ignore it. Will new media forces devote sufficient energy to bring it to the fore? And if they do, will Jennings be forced to fall on his sword for the president?


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