Van Jones, Yosi Sergant….Kevin Jennings?

This one has been simmering quietly for a bit…..

Apparently a top official at the Department of Education once counseled an underage boy regarding a sexual relationship with an older adult male, neither reporting to authorities what amounted to statutory rape nor advising the boy to suspend contact with the man.

Today Jake Tapper of ABC reports that Kevin Jennings, a former teacher, has now “expressed regret” over the incident. Is the White House attempting to head off any pressure they see coming over Jennings?

Jennings is a former director of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. He works for Arne Duncan, the Education Secretary (whom I’ve had some positive things to say about), as the head of the “Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.”

Jenning’s statement of regret comes the same week in which a political-cultural divide of attitudes towards sexual mores has been exposed dramatically in the case of Roman Polanski. Some prominent liberals argue the aging film director should not be subject to further prosecution for his rape of a thirteen year old girl in California several decades ago. Conservatives have said that justice will be served by bringing the case to a conclusion.

Can’t say I’m surprised that a GLSEN activist is in this post, nor can I say that I was surprised by this incident when I first learned about it.


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