More commentary on Honduras

On my latest post on the Honduras situation (Honduras on the Brink….), an informed commenter offered some reaction. Turns out he is the author of Marque’s Letters, and has been publishing some insightful commentary of his own on the topic. His most recent Honduras post is entitled And It’s On: Throwdown with Bobby Micheletti.

Marque’s Letters is authored by an attorney, and seems to be a solid site. It’s always so interesting to come across a new site out and explore it a little bit. There are millions of sites out there (including many good ones), but so often I find myself landing on the same dozen or so. It’s good to venture out bey0nd one’s normal terrain.

Now, as to his comment about Brazil being wrong to harbor Zelaya, but still within its prerogative to do so, I guess I’ll have to think about that. It’s a well reasoned argument, because you’re right, once you start to go after embassies for harboring unwanted political figures, you do run a certain risk. I just find it so objectionable, Brazil’s actions…..Anyway. I’ll continue to cover this story as developments warrant.


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  1. Thanks for the plug, Brian! Like you, I have my blog-visiting habits, but it’s always exciting to find new thoughts and thinkers. Glad to have found your site — I’ll be reading.

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