Jimmy Carter piles on

No sooner than I write this stuff than a former president wades into things. Jimmy Carter – via Drudge via Real Clear Politics – is “bothered” by the “racist” tone surrounding criticism of The One.

Now, Mr. Carter, are you bothered by speech and behavior as interpreted and reported by some to be racist, or are you observing first hand this speech and behavior and bothered because you personally find it racist?

Because if I was just reading Maureen Dowd columns and listening to cable comments by Rep. Hank Johnson, well, sure, I’d think this country was full of KKK members. But then again, Dowd and Johnson aren’t quite pictures of sanity right now, either.

I predict – and Brit Hume suggested this, too – that all this race-baiting could backfire…..big time. Let’s wait and see.

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