James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles for Nobel Prize

The Associated Press is reporting that the Census Bureau has severed ties with the corrupt community organizing group ACORN in advance of the 2010 national census. The move came as negative publicity surrounding the group reached an all time high after videos were released showing ACORN employees in two different cities participate in schemes involving human sex trafficking and federal tax evasion.

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles might be investigative reporters, political activists, independent filmmakers, or maybe a combination of all three. What’s clear is that they were able to expose this organization for what it is, and now truth is working its effects.

In my last post I scoffed at the idea that Democrats would sever ties completely with ACORN. I’ll still be surprised if that happens. But pre-empting their participation in the census is a vital step in the right direction. And O’Keefe and Giles have offered some important insight about ways to deal with maniuplative opposition. You make them live by their own rules, for starters.

What does it take to nominate somebody for a Nobel Prize?


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