Acorn Scandal, Part II

Savvy marketing by Breitbart and company. Just a day after they release a video of Acorn employees conspiring to commit all sorts of nefarious crimes, they come out with another blockbuster piece of investigative reporting. This time, Acorn employees in Washington, D.C. advise people who walk in from the street how to set up a prostitution ring and engage in tax fraud.

This should end any notion that it’s just a bad apple here or there at Acorn. Whether or not there is organized corruption at high levels (which would not surprise me in the slightest), its ranks are rife with miscreants.

Acorn is a partisan criminal enterprise (as Steve King so accurately and eloquently stated) and a massive voter fraud organization (as I once so accurately and eloquently stated to a former professor of mine who was once an Acorn worker).

This video footage should end any political partnership between the group and our fine politicians in Washington, D.C. Yeah – that’ll be the day.


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